We are thrilled to announce that the Rise Anxiety and Depression Clinic is now more accessible than ever, with the expansion of our locations. We are proud to introduce our new locations to better serve our community’s mental health needs.
  1. Roxboro (West Island of Montreal): Our Roxboro clinic brings the highest quality of anxiety and depression care to the tranquil West Island of Montreal. Nestled amidst picturesque surroundings, this new location offers a serene and supportive environment for those seeking our expert services.
  2. Westmount (Downtown Montreal): In the heart of the bustling downtown core, our Westmount clinic provides convenient access to our cutting-edge treatments and compassionate care. Whether you’re a city dweller or commuter, you’ll find solace and support right in the heart of Montreal.
  3. Ottawa, Ontario: We’re excited to extend our services to the vibrant capital city of Ottawa, Ontario. Now residents of Ottawa and its surrounding areas can benefit from our evidence-based treatments, experienced clinicians, and a welcoming atmosphere designed to help you rise above anxiety and depression.
At Rise Anxiety and Depression Clinic, we are committed to improving the lives of individuals struggling with mental health challenges. With these new locations, we hope to reach even more individuals in need and continue our mission to provide comprehensive, compassionate, and effective care. We invite you to visit any of our clinics and embark on your journey towards mental well-being today.


Montreal Clinic: 4465 Blvd. Des Sources, Roxboro, QC, H8Y3C1


Westmount Clinic: 4927B Sherbrooke West, Westmount, QC H3Z1H2


Ottawa Clinic: 2249 Carling Ave., Suite 418, Ottawa, ON, K2B7E9